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Neologism in ‘Oryx and Crake’

In her dystopian novel "Oryx and Crake", Atwood creates "remade worlds" to warn readers about dangerous elements of society they inhabit.

The Wall Street Crash of 1929

One of the most well-renowned crashes of all time, the downfall of the New York Stock Exchange marks the largest in US history.

The Apple Ecosystem

There are hundreds of other options in the technology market. Why do consumers stay loyal to Apple?

Game Theory: A Must-Know for Entrepreneurs

Game theory, while appearing to be a purely theoretical framework for academics to tinker with, provides a strategic tool for entrepreneurs.

The Belt and Road's Savior

The Belt and Road Initiative is a plan created by China to provide infrastructure, support, and funding to those who need it worldwide.

The Value of Friends

Good friends should not be taken for granted because they are hard to come by! Knowing how to remove toxic ones, though, can be difficult.

The Wealth Tax (Scholarship Essay)

Simply put, a wealth tax is a direct tax that is levied on the wealth of an individual, above a certain threshold.

Sources of Motivation

Shows like Suits and Billions can certainly glamorise the corporate experience and entice people toward a high-paying career.

The Gender Pay Gap

Statistics show that high-income countries such as Germany, France, and the UK have some of the highest gender pay gaps globally.

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