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Money and Quality of Life

Quality of life is formed by many factors, including health and wellbeing, opportunities, living situations, work, and social life.

Women in Afghanistan

It is unfathomable to me that women in the 21st Century can be denied the same freedoms that I have taken for granted all my life.

EU's Regulations for Ethics

Will the EU’s increase in regulations on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) matters going to make businesses more ethical?

Emerging Economies

Emerging economies have accounted for almost two-thirds of global GDP growth and more than half of new consumption in the past 15 years.

Economics Basics: Micro & Macro

If you have ever thought "why can’t we just print more money?" and then actually researched it, you would have begun to learn Economics.

The Training Tax Credit

Training tax credits could be the best way of supercharging growth, employment and living standards in "left behind" Britain.

Happiness Isn’t Good for the Economy

FOMO, the need for constant self-upgrade, and increasing pressures on modern society to fit in all significantly affect the economy.

The Upsides of Inequality

Disparity between people in society of course has its downsides, but what often gets overlooked are the tangible benefits of inequality.

Introducing Ponzi Schemes

A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud where funds from recent investors pay profits to earlier investors.

FIRE and Financial Independence

FIRE. For a small select group of financial enthusiasts, the term ‘FIRE’ represents a break from the cycle of work. It represents freedom.

E-Commerce Fraud

Today, online shopping is a routine for shoppers. Due to the increase in online shopping, e-commerce scams have been on the rise.

The Inequality Pandemic

The waiter who lost their job looks enviously at the billionaires of the world, who have seen their net worth rise by $1.1 trillion.

Misleading Food Labels & Marketing

Over time, food labels have been mixed with promotion to blur the lines between accurate nutritional information and marketing of a product.

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