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Money and Quality of Life

Quality of life is formed by many factors, including health and wellbeing, opportunities, living situations, work, and social life.

FIRE and Financial Independence

FIRE. For a small select group of financial enthusiasts, the term ‘FIRE’ represents a break from the cycle of work. It represents freedom.

E-Commerce Fraud

Today, online shopping is a routine for shoppers. Due to the increase in online shopping, e-commerce scams have been on the rise.

The 2010 Flash Crash Explained

On May 6th, 2010, the Dow Jones Index lost almost 9% of its value in a matter of minutes. What happened?

The Three Kinds of Entrepreneurs

As we look across history at the finest entrepreneurs of all time, what characteristics do they share? How do they differ?

Enterprise: The Fast Road to Millions

Enterprise is the creation of a business, regardless of the market or size, where products are made, and products are sold.

Can Bitcoin Replace Fiat Currency?

Elon Musk. Memes. Diamond Hands. When you combine all three what do you get? Bitcoin! But can it be a reliable currency?

The Apple Ecosystem

There are hundreds of other options in the technology market. Why do consumers stay loyal to Apple?

Game Theory: A Must-Know for Entrepreneurs

Game theory, while appearing to be a purely theoretical framework for academics to tinker with, provides a strategic tool for entrepreneurs.

What is a Quantitative Analyst?

Quantitative Analysts or ‘Quants’ as they like to call themselves are often considered the nerds of Wall Street.

How Software Teams Work

Traditionally, businesses will have a structured hierarchy, and projects will follow a linear process of research, design, creation, and rel

Who Can We Trust To Police Online Reviews?

Online reviews are now an important aspect to consider for many businesses. It is becoming increasingly common for customers to check online

The Gig Economy

Taxi drivers, truck drivers, and television. Hallmark jobs and elements of the 20th-century economy that seemed essential to the daily lives

Winning in a Global Crisis

Since the Coronavirus first arrived about a year ago, the stock market has been a wild ride through major ups and downs.

What is a Data Scientist?

Data science has been described as the sexiest job of the 21st century. Terms like big data and machine learning get thrown around when the

Short Squeeze

With the recent drama around stocks such as GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC), the term “short squeeze” became a huge talk

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