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Founder, CEO

Michael Karfunkel is a Business Intelligence Manager at National General Insurance, specifically focusing on the Accident, Health, and Lender Services divisions. After studying Talmud and emergency medicine in Israel for two years, Michael attended Lander College of Arts and Sciences where he graduated cum laude, earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration with a concentration in Accounting.
Outside of work, Michael founded The Jr. Executive, a platform for young, future executives to get involved in business and economics while earning scholarships. Michael also serves as CTO for Yesh Olam, Inc., a not-for-profit organization that offers bespoke religious experiences to young adults through its network of Rabbis, educators, and mental health professionals. In his free time, Michael enjoys listening to podcasts, reading and writing both fiction and non-fiction books, and bingeing the latest shows on Netflix!

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Sarina Karfunkel is a User Research Specialist at National General Insurance, where she utilizes research methods to understand target demographics. Sarina presents these insights to corporate executives, influencing future creative business initiatives. After spending a year studying abroad in Israel, Sarina attended Touro College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She graduated Magna Cum Laude earning a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. 
Outside of work Sarina volunteers as a mentor for a religious outreach organization where she prepares weekly lessons. She also founded The 40 Day Challenge, a forty-day commitment to inspire personal growth and development. Additionally, Sarina spends her time as a social media manager and serves as CMO for The Jr. Executive. In her free time, Sarina enjoys catching up with friends and family, photography, and endless scrolling through Instagram and YouTube!




Elizabeth Greaves (or Redwriter) is a full-time student, worker, and recently published author of Whispers of Judas. Her love for writing started at age nine after resettling in the States from her homeland, Ghana. Ever since then she’s written novels, essays, personal expressions, and poems.




Curtis Thompson is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Warwick with a particular interest in data and machine learning. Curtis's research at university ranged from educational video games to software that generated song lyrics and poetry, with some of his research for the latter being accepted at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research. Outside of technology, Curtis is a keen long-distance runner, having completed several races including the Berlin Marathon.




Jessica Proctor is a 17-year-old avid writer from England. Jessica is currently in 6th form studying Biology, Geography, and English language. In the future, Jessica hopes to achieve an apprenticeship degree with GlaxoSmithKline in the interest of making medicines. While in school, Jessica also works as a pharmacy assistant for Crown Pharmacy where she implements repeat prescriptions and handles day-to-day tasks.




Rohan Bhatia is a full-time student at The University of Sydney studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Economics. He also operates Private Tutoring business ATAR100 and is an aspiring part-time YouTuber. Since coming across the TV show Billions at the age of 16, Rohan has been deeply engaged by Business and Stock Market. Rohan also serves as the Vice President of the University of Sydney Economics Society and has contributed to a number of student publications on campus. In his spare time, you can catch Rohan reading Fantasy novels and business non-fiction, listening to podcasts, or waking up at absurd times in the middle of the night to watch Manchester United.




Lucas McNamara is a Junior attending High School in the United States. In the classroom, he focuses on the study of mathematics, language arts, and history. Lucas has a deep interest in entrepreneurship, business, and economics; he can always be found reading non-fiction. Outside of the classroom, Lucas runs a small landscaping company that actively manages a large customer portfolio. He has the goal of pursuing a Finance degree in the future.




Mathura Mathyalahan is a full-time University student studying for a degree in psychology with counselling in London. Alongside studying for her degree she is an independent social media marketing manager and also works at an estate agency as an administrator. Mathura aspires to be able to travel the world whilst working from her laptop, mentor others, and open her own business in the near future.




Dhanesh just completed his Bachelor of Business and Management from Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia with a particular interest in economics and change management. Throughout the lockdown period, Dhanesh grew an increasing interest in the economy as he was also studying a Foundations of Economics unit. Dhanesh started to closely follow economists debating, reading articles, and applying the basics of the economy. Being a very passionate Manchester United supporter, Dhanesh tries his best to follow every single game despite the time zone challenges. Music is present in Dhanesh's daily life - he loves singing and meets his musician friends whenever he is free.




Jennifer Light is a Junior in High School who has a passion for writing and Econ. Co-Founder of a student-led organization focused on combating the education gap in magnet schools, she looks to create educational equity for low-income students. In her free time, she likes to do research and go on bike rides.




Chiagozie Okoye is currently a junior enrolled in an American high school. At his school, Chiagozie performs at a standard of excellence in all seven of his classes, including his arduous Advanced Placement courses, and he has earned many accolades for his endeavors. Chiagozie hopes to continue on to higher education and major in computer science and engineering. When he is not engrossed in schoolwork, Chiagozie participates in extracurricular activities. Chiagozie is the DiversifyOurNarrative Co-District Lead and Co-Founder for his school district, he is his high school marching band conducting drum major, and more. Finally, Chiagozie has a passion for writing, and is arranging to publish his first novel in the summer.




Evelyn Chen is a full-time University student aiming to graduate in 2022. Alongside studying for her degree, Evelyn is the ambassador for the nationwide Women in Finance society and is Finance Director at a start-up promoting sustainable consumption and food poverty alleviation. Outside of her volunteering, Evelyn enjoys teaching herself how to code, doing karate at a black-belt level, and designing graphics.




Dhruv is a high school student in London that has a passion for finance and economics. He very intrigued about the quantitative elements of everything and the application of maths and statistics in real life. He believes that his fintech work could change the lives of millions for the better. In his free time, Dhruv loves music has been playing the guitar for 8 years.




Shafinaz is an A-Level student with a deeply rooted love for the corporate world, writing, and public speaking. While she currently is a full-time student, she also likes to volunteer at local charities in exchange for the knowledge that she is one step closer to making life better for the people living at the unfortunate end of the spectrum. Having won a couple of writing competitions that run globally, she enjoys writing and debating on different topics which excite her. In an effort to be productive, Shafinaz spends her free time researching and learning about different concepts which revolve around Business, Economics, and Physics.




Angela is a senior high school student from Canada who has a passion for writing and business. A full-time student, she spends her time learning and discovering on a daily basis. She loves spending time with her friends and family to catch up on the latest topics. In her spare time, she loves to catch up on the latest Netflix shows, listen to music as well as writing screenplays.

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Mihir Shahi is a 16-year-old student from the United Kingdom with a passion for economics, and more specifically, for how economic concepts can enable entrepreneurs to maximise their potential. Currently, Mihir is studying Maths, Economics, and History for his A Levels with the aim to go on to study economics at University. When Mihir isn't engaged in his studies, you can find him out on the cricket field, strumming his guitar or scrolling through TikTok!




Jacqueline is an incoming senior high school student from Canada with a passion for the humanities and STEM. During her spare time, she enjoys writing personal essays, reflections and essays and has publications on media outlets and organizations. Jacqueline also enjoys engaging in debates with her friends and family about thought experiments or current events and is also an avid lover of pineapple on pizza!




Abir Mohammed is a 16-year-old student in the UK who will be studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics for his A-Levels, in the hopes of achieving a maths degree at university. Abir is also passionate about helping others achieve their academic goals as he has begun tutoring for a number of subjects across a range of age groups. In his spare time, Abir undertakes courses on programming, reads books on mathematics, and goes out on his bike.




Rahul Doshi is a high school student in London who is studying A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Economics and History, hoping to go on to read Economics at University. Rahul enjoys learning about economics and how it relates to what is going on in the world, through taking a keen interest in the news. He also enjoys debating and public speaking. In his spare time, Rahul likes to play the piano and play table tennis as well as giving back to others, by tutoring other children.

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