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The Inequality Pandemic

The waiter who lost their job looks enviously at the billionaires of the world, who have seen their net worth rise by $1.1 trillion.

Venezuela: A Modern Hyperinflation Crisis

Following the election of President Nicolas Maduro, the inflation rate in Venezuela skyrocketed from 800% in 2016 to 2,000,000% in 2018.

Misleading Food Labels & Marketing

Over time, food labels have been mixed with promotion to blur the lines between accurate nutritional information and marketing of a product.

The UK Minimum Wage

Inequality refers to the disparity in income and wealth between people in society.

Challenger Banks: A Revolution in Finance

Challenger banks tend to offer modern technology to facilitate financial services, unlike normal banks that stick to traditional methods.

Lessons from Anna: A Guide to Leadership

Labeled by Forbes as “the most powerful woman in media and entertainment,” Anna Wintour is an infamous name in the fashion industry.

Decreasing the Income Inequality Gap

The government can decrease inequality between different levels of educated people by increasing spending on healthcare education.

Major Economic Indicators

Economic indicators are typically statistics that act as a source of evidence to indicate the well-being of a nation’s future economy.

A Guide to Investment Banking

In Hollywood, we often see sporadic millionaires with suspenders shouting through phones, but is that what actual investment banking is?

The Three Kinds of Entrepreneurs

As we look across history at the finest entrepreneurs of all time, what characteristics do they share? How do they differ?

Suez Canal Blockage: Boba Tea

Exports and imports are crucial for the development and growth of the economy. Without it, economies around the world would diminish!

The Rise of Income Inequality

Income inequality is the unequal distribution of household or individual income across the various participants in an economy.

Enterprise: The Fast Road to Millions

Enterprise is the creation of a business, regardless of the market or size, where products are made, and products are sold.

The Covid Education Gap

Remote learning during Covid gave rise to a clear difference in the number of students with access to much-needed technology devices.

Can Bitcoin Replace Fiat Currency?

Elon Musk. Memes. Diamond Hands. When you combine all three what do you get? Bitcoin! But can it be a reliable currency?

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