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The Long Road to Success

Success comes in many different shapes and sizes; what success means to you may not mean the same to someone else. Success can be defined as having all the money in the world, it could be buying your first house or even landing your dream job, the list goes on. Success is not something that is made overnight, and it is not something you can just wait around for; the hard truth is you have to work for it. The long road to success has many obstacles that need to be overcome, this can be very daunting and demotivating at first but with the right mindset it will all be worth it in the end. In this article we will look into some of the ways you can make small changes to gain success.

‘’Successful people are simply those with successful habits’’

This is harder than it sounds because as humans we find it hard to put ourselves first in case we are seen as being selfish. Self-love and care are one of the first and most important things you can do for yourself, you will thank yourself later. Prioritizing yourself doesn’t always mean having to be first in line or continuously spoiling yourself with the latest piece of designer clothing, it’s the smallest things such as waking up earlier than usual, setting up a routine for yourself to follow, and sparing yourself fifteen minutes during the day to sit down, relax and reflect. The same way you would praise someone else for their achievements, acknowledge yourself too! Instead of flooding your mind with the unrealistic world of social media, step outside into the real world: take a walk, listen to podcasts, speak to people that you can gain valuable knowledge from.

‘’An investment in yourself pays the best interest’’

Leading on from ways to prioritising yourself, the second most important change needed for success is investing in yourself! There are many benefits of investing in yourself because you can set your vision straight by doing this. There are so many things to do that count as investing yourself and some people may already be doing it without realising it. Investment doesn’t always need to be in the form of money; it can be as simple as investing your time. Organising your workspace and room is the best place to start, putting effort into making yourself look and feel presentable which in return will give you more self-confidence. Learn a new skill, there are so many free courses online that can help to develop your skills and will be so useful to add to your Curriculum Vitae. Attending free seminars and workshops can be very beneficial in the long run, a lot of these seminars used to only be in-person meaning you needed to spend money for transport and petrol, now it’s just a click away. Keep your mind and body healthy, if you feel that you need to make a few changes to your diet because you’re snacking too much junk food or you are not eating healthily at all, make that change because it will mentally make you feel better. It really does not cost you anything to start investing in yourself, the sooner the better. One of the biggest keys to success is to believe in yourself and constantly remind yourself that anything is possible when you put effort into it.

‘’Successful people are always looking for opportunities’’

Learning never stops, and it shouldn’t stop! No one can have all the knowledge in this world, but it will always be out there, it’s up to you as an individual to go and find it. Maximising opportunities will put you ahead of the game. For instance, when you are competing for a job role, you want to stand out from the rest, and you can do this by confidently talking about all the relevant experiences you have indulged yourself in. Apply to jobs, look for internships, roam through YouTube to find useful content relevant to you, it has literally everything and anything, you can use this in your favour. Listen to podcasts and real-life stories that can help to motivate you even further. The key here is to never stop learning, widen your horizons!

‘’The secret to getting ahead is getting started’’

If you’ve ever had a thought about stepping foot into starting a small side business or something that you can do on the side for the experience, or for a little bit more of an income and you didn’t go through with it - take a few steps back and find a way to get started. Small risks may well return in bigger rewards, and it's fuelled by time and consistency. Starting a business is not easy, a lot of blood, sweat and tears do go into it but when you have the final result it will be something to be proud of. When you make mistakes the first time around, it will help to set you up for the future and eventually everything you learn along the way can readily translate to any role you may take on in the future.

In essence, the changes will only be visible if you start putting them into practice. As we conveyed throughout this article, success is not an overnight miracle. You need to invest your time, effort, consistency, and most importantly trust the process. Overall, the choice is yours whether you want to start making small changes to result in a successful future.

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